Panama City Beach top restaurants

firefly restaurant dining roomThere’s a different feeling when you’re dining by the beach. You feel the cold breeze of the air, you can smell the ocean and you might feel peace and quiet. Well, this article is about to show you the top 5 world’s best restaurants by the beach, the foods they offer and why they are considered as the best.

When we think about the beach, we often imagine the waves of the ocean, the feeling of touching the sand in our feet, between our toes. We think about looking at the sunsets and holding hands with the one we love or playing around with our family. But what really brings us to the beach is the seafood that we all love.

Mouth Watering Food

Food is what brings us all together. Whether you are a family, a guest or even a stranger. Nothing can go wrong with food (except if you’re allergic to it). We all go back to a restaurant if we love the food that they bring to us, their service an even their environment. But what gives the restaurants by the beach an edge? Well, there are two possible answers. One, is the seafood. And second, is the scenery.

Almost everyone loves seafood, even some who are allergic to it. When you eat delicacies from the sea or ocean, you feel more attached to it. You can feel its life and freshness. The seafood can be anything that swims like fish, octopus, seashells, whales, sharks, etc. It can even be crawling like crabs and lobsters.

acqua restaurant phuketThe Top Beach Side Restaurants

Well, enough about the introduction of seafoods and beaches. Let’s start the countdown for the top 5 best restaurants by the beach.

Shaner’s Land and Sea Market

The fifth on our list is the Shaner’s Land and Sea Market located in Pass A Grille Way, Saint Pete Beach, Florida. A deli plus also a restaurant! This market offers food on the go and product that you can buy fresh and cook it at the comforts of your home. They are always open between 8 in the morning till 7 in the evening. The chicken, beef or fish there is already marinated or put together for your own convenience. They offer a wide variety of food and they also give you cooking instructions to make yourself feel like a 5-star chef. They are known for the best service and steak in town. If you are in a hurry to prepare dinner, you can call them ahead of time and you can pick up your order just when you arrive. This restaurant is definitely worth it to be on our list.

Firefly restaurant

The fourth on our list is the Firefly restaurant on Richard Jackson Blvd, Panama City Beach, Florida. This restaurant has been regarded as the best restaurant that serves sushi. The service is considered exceptional and there is also a lit firefly tree where all the lovers can have a romantic atmosphere. Their salads are also to die for and crab soup. Remember go to this restaurant if you ever drive near it.

Acqua restaurant

The third on our list is the Acqua restaurant on the Kalim Beach north of Patong in Phuket. It is a modern Italian restaurant that serves traditional dishes of the town. They serve seafoods that are very delicious that has been cooked by their very own chef. Their service is known to be exemplary and professional and you can expect that everything, even the customers, will be handled with care.

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