Terrace Theatre - Charleston

Terrace Theatre Charleston SC

This theater actually has personality! The concessions go far beyond your usual junk (boxed candy and popcorn and soda) and the decor is more art deco. Offering things like gelato and alcoholic drinks can really add to the movie experience for a fun twist in my book. Aren't we tired of over salted buttered popcorn for 10 dollars? Both times I've brought guests here they were immensely charmed and preferred the experience overall, to that of the big usual modern theater.

When I've gone it's been less crowded too- a big plus. Sure the seats and screens are nothing fancy- but unless you are looking for IMAX and 3D, there are no flaws that will hinder your movie watching experience!

I will admit I'm not hyper aware of sound systems, so I couldn't speak to if it's noticeably inferior, but I found it perfectly adequate.

I like that it's smaller, in a quaint plaza with some quality eating options for a super easy dinner / movie date, and has a neat unique selection of snacks. Unless you want to see the latest action film on the biggest screen possible with the best sound out there- I would chose the atmosphere of this theater over other cinemas any day!

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