Terrace at the River Inn

The River Inn Memphis

Let me start out by staying this place earns a solid 5 stars for the view. One of the best things that The Terrace at the River Inn did recently was to fully cover and enclose this space so it could be used year round. Also what gets 5 stars is the space itself. The furniture looks new and the decor is contemporary.

Now for the bad news...
The food and cocktails get a solid 3 stars at most. When The Terrace first opened, the cocktails were so bad. I used to live in NYC, so when I think Rooftop bar, I think great cocktails. ERR (insert sound effect from Family Feud when they get an answer wrong and the big red X shows up on the screen). I went here several weeks ago and the cocktails got better, but were just OK. I've had their dessert a few times and it used to be good, but for whatever reason, last time they just weren't great...but I'm going to give the kitchen the benefit of the doubt that it was just an off night.

Now for the really bad news...
The service gets negative 3 stars. When I walked in, there was no one to greet me. After waiting near the bar for a few minutes and getting ignored by every employee, I decided "ok, I guess it's seat-yourself-and-grab-the-wet-menu-off-of-the-­next-table night". And that's exactly what I did. Eventually after sitting there for about 10 minutes, someone came over and asked if we had been helped. I'm sure the empty table with no drinks on it was a dead giveaway.

I honestly want to love this place. Really, I do!!! I'll continue to come back only because of the location, but the service and cocktails need major improvement. If you're looking for a place to take your date where the wait staff won't bother you and you can have a nice conversation with a drink and a cheese plate, this IS the place for you and I highly recommend. This is not a bad place, but the service and drinks need help.

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