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I was stoked to learn that a Ybor was boasting a new dining venue and was immediately enchanted upon perusing the menu online. Once I saw that there was a $25 gift cert available at for the discounted price of $2 this Memorial Day weekend, it seemed that the Universe was steering us there. Always listen to the Universe.

Sunday's is a charming venue in the most historic district of Tampa. I loved the skylights, brick walls, white tablecloths and fresh roses adorning every table. Underdog thought the AC could've been ratcheted up a notch, but the ambiance was otherwise extremely pleasant. As I've mentioned elsewhere in my blog, we're seriously aged and tend to take our largest meal of the day at odd (*coughearlybirdcough*) hours, so don't let the vacant look of the place give you the idea that no one but us eats here.

We were greeted very warmly at Sunday's by the sister of the owner/chef and also got exceptional service throughout the course of the meal. Wine list, water, and warm, herbaceous focaccia with dipping oil were presented almost immediately upon our being seated.

The starters did not fail to impress...beginning with my Panko Crusted Oysters served atop Wakame Salad and topped with Wasabi Aoli (which kind of made my nose burn because I'm wimpy about wasabi, but which Underdog deemed to be just the right kick for these delightfully crispy-fried, fresh-tasting mollusks). Trust me...I didn't let my wimpy nose stop me from snorting these succulent delights!

Dick Deuisch Co Sweden House Smorgasbord Tampa, Florida Original Vintage Postcard
Entertainment Memorabilia (Dick Deuisch Co)
  • Categories: US State & Town Views,Florida,Tampa
  • Type: Chrome
  • Size: 3.5 x 5.5 (9 x 14 cm)
  • Publisher: Dick Deuisch Co
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